Stop domestic the violence in the Caribbean

Around the world, also in the Dutch Caribbean, many people, primarily women and children, are being affected by domestic violence. They are often emotionally abused, physically hurt and in some cases even killed. When children live in an abusive home they learn to treat other people the same way they have been treated. The Bible Society wants to contribute in breaking this vicious cycle by launching a program to support all people affected by domestic violence.

Beneficiary focus
This program is specifically for people concerned with domestic violence. It is meant for people who have been abused or are being abused by their partner or other members of their family. It is also for the church or faith community in which the abused and abuser live. It is for their friends and family who may be able to help stop the violence and abuse. Abused victims and also those who have been abusive do look for help from spiritual leaders or friends whom they trust. This program is meant to equip all those people concerned with domestic violence so that they will have the tools needed to help others

National Context
Domestic violence is found among people of all economic strata. It crosses religious and denominational lines. It occurs in every congregation. Often people in faith groups remain in abusive relationships because of shame. In some cases even religious teachings lead them to believe that they have to obey their husband under all circumstances. Others live in the assumption that there is no other option and they may fear losing friends or even families in their faith community or their only source of income.