Core Presence – Netherlands Antilles and Aruba

This project represents a Core Presence grant to ensure a mission presence and viable operation for Bible Society work in Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

The operations of the Bible Society in Curacao are doing quite well and we consider these to be very effective and successful. After many years of existence and ministry in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba we have concluded that now is the time for us to develop a much more reliable and stronger operation in Aruba.

In the last couple of years discussions and evaluations have been held during strategic planning meetings about the Bible work in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Brainstorming on programs took place among board members, staff and committed volunteers, but thus far the programs for Aruba had not been fully developed. The main reason for not having developed strategic programs is due to the lack of sufficient funds in order to develop the mission in Aruba.

In a separate Business Development Plan we are presenting you our strategies to specifically develop Bible work on the island of Aruba into a robust, dynamic and sustainable ministry.

National Context
The Bible Society is unable to maintain a core presence due to several reasons:
1. The cost of doing business is quite high in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. For example; the minimum wage in Curacao is US$ 694.93 and that in Aruba US$ 802.19
2. The area of distribution is over six islands spread in the Caribbean where it is expensive to travel and where our presence cannot be replaced due to the fact that we serve the inhabitants with a Bible and Bible scriptures in their native language which is spoken only in the Netherlands Antilles.
3. Funds received from the ISP are enough to accomplish the projects, but never enough to help develop Bible work in for example Aruba, although Aruba has the potential to raise more funds in the future.
4. The performance of the Bible Society is commendable, but due to the small-scale nature of the islands it will end up with more expenses than income.